Mobile Dental Hygiene

Eagle County, 81631 | 09/19/2018 | Ad id: 8-0000305323

New concept in preventative dental hygiene care. My place or yours.                      Alice B. Laurent, RDH  Email Me  (970) 445-8713
When was your last dental check-up? No dental insurance? Looking for a dental home. Immediate appointment availability. I will see adults and children by appointment at my Eagle office location or for groups of 4 persons or more I can bring mobile equipment to your location.  I am a comprehensive dental hygienist with modern technology, compassionate and clean!
The biggest excuses I hear from people as to why they do not go to the dentist is that they do not have dental insurance or time off from work. So, I thought what a great opportunity to encourage small business owners to offer this in the form a dental benefit or a bonus for work well done. It is a great convenience more than anything and does not cost more. For the same cost as my in-office fees I can come to your location. You and your staff can get the Comprehensive Check-Up including digital x-rays, basic cleaning and the State required Periodontal Evaluation, digitally documented for just $300 per person. Now wouldn't that be a nice employee bonus. Any condition needing a dentist will be referred to the correct specialist. I am flexible to days and hours, you just need to decide and give me a call to pick the time. For this commitment pre-payment is done in advanced and online. Once a person has had the Comprehensive check-up and we have established good oral health the typical basic dental cleaning is only $98 per person. And I can return 2 x a year for these services. Never miss a dental cleaning again.
At some point an adult realizes he/she needs a dental home and I would like to be considered. I have 30 years of experience, have a plethora of preventative dental information gained from hands on experience and continually educate myself in my field. I will continue to live in the valley for decades to come and be available offering consistency. It is about your awareness to the current conditions in your mouth, teeth and gum tissue.

My business name fits me perfectly because I do dental 'check-ups' and cleanings all day long and my parent’s home country was the former Czechoslovakia. I speak Czech fluently and pioneered dental hygiene as a new profession from 1999-2004 in the now called Czech Republic.
Thank you for considering my services.  Alice B. Laurent