Clinical Mental Health Crisis Clinician

Eagle, 81631 | 06/28/2018 | Ad id: 8-0000268341

Job Description

The Hope Center, Eagle River Valley, is a new expansion of the Aspen Hope Center in the Roaring Fork Valley. The eight-year-old non-profit agency is launching its newest project in Eagle County and beginning a co-response program with law enforcement and the Eagle County Paramedics.

The Hope Center Crisis Clinicians are held to the highest standard of professionalism, efficiency, compassion and teamwork. Their role is to provide care and immediate mental health services to the Hope Center clients. Primary function is to assess and triage individuals who present to the Center for help with mental health issues. The role of the clinician will be to ensure continuity of care: an immediate and professional evaluation, collaboration with proper internal or external therapists, referral to other agencies, and advocacy for any treatment deemed necessary beyond the initial crisis.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Hope Center Crisis Clinician is the core staff member interacting with every client. It is therefore essential that all interactions are conducted in a professional, courteous and ethical manner. The clinicians are responsible for making sure each caller is treated with compassion and time is taken to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Shifts are split between office and on-call
Understands that response time for a call is immediate
Conducts evaluations in office or on site (site response should be within 30 minutes)
Assesses nature of crisis calls and initiates appropriate response

Full Time Status Description:

A full-time Hope Center Crisis Clinician is salaried for 72 hours on call each week where by they take calls, provide assessments, triage clients, follow up with previous clients and conduct any other AHC business required. This on-cal/office mix is deemed equivalent to 40 hours of full time office work.

Credentials and Experience:

Strong diagnostic and assessment skills, solution-focused, and crisis experience in a co-response model.
Masters degree in counseling, psychology, social work or related field.
Colorado state license preferred (or at minimum, license eligible within 90-day probationary period). 

Job Type: Full-time