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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Section 3.340.C.6.b.2.b.ii. of the Eagle County Land Use
Regulations, as amended, that the Planning Director has approved the following:

Application Number: FONZ-009071-2019

Type of Application : Finding of No Significant Impact, near 1500 W Sheep Creek

Description of Action : Applicants are proposing a reduction of a stream setback from the
required 75 feet to 50 feet along some sections of the property.

Location of Land : Parcel Number 186313300001, Section: 24 Township: 3 Range: 87 ,
approximately 200 acres.

The Director of Community Development has determined that a Finding of No Significant
Impact (FONSI) should be issued to FONZ-009071-2019 on February 13, 2020, because the
applicant has met the criteria found in Section 3.340.C.6.b.1 - Determination of a FONSI.

Under the provisions of Section 3-340.C.6.b.2.c., within fourteen (14) days after publication,
which is February 27, 2020, of the Director's Determination of a FONSI, the Eagle County
Board of County Commissioners may decide to reconsider the Determination. Such
reconsideration shall be made at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board for
which proper notice can be accomplished. Additionally, any affected party seeking
reconsideration of the Director's Determination of a FONSI shall file a written request with
the Board within fourteen (14) days of date of publication in the newspaper of the Notice of
the Director's Determination of the FONSI. The 14th day by which reconsideration requests
must be made is February 27, 2020. The Board shall reconsider the Director's Determination
of the FONSI at the next regularly scheduled meeting for which proper notice can be
accomplished. The affected party may request a reasonable extension if necessary.

Copies of the aforementioned application and related documents may be examined in the Office of
the Eagle County Department of Community Development located at 500 Broadway, Eagle Colorado.
The application may also be viewed on the Eagle County website at . Telephone inquiries regarding the
subject matter of the public notice may be made by calling (970) 328-8754.

/T/ Regina O'Brien
County Clerk and Recorder
500 Broadway, P.O. Box 850, Eagle, Colorado 81631

Published in the Eagle Valley Enterprise and the Vail Daily February 13, 2020.