PUBLIC NOTICE Beginning on July 1,

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PUBLIC NOTICE Beginning on July 1, 2019 the Board of Commissioners for Eagle County, convened as the Eagle County Board of Equalization ("CBOE"), will sit in the Eagle County Building, 500 Broadway, Eagle, Colorado to review the assessment roll of all taxable property located in the county, as prepared by the County Assessor, and to hear appeals from determinations of the Assessor. The first step of the appeals process is for a property owner to file a protest with the County Assessor's Office. For protests that were filed by June 1, The Assessor will issue a Notice of Determination on or before the last day in June. Only those property owners who filed a timely protest may petition the CBOE for a hearing. Pursuant to C.R.S. 39-8-106, the deadlines for filing an appeal with the CBOE are: July 15, 2019 for real property and July 20, 2019 for personal property. The petition for filing is included with the Notice of Determination. CBOE hearings will be scheduled for petitioners to present information supporting their opinion of property valuation. The CBOE will render a decision on each appeal and mail determinations within five (5) business days of each decision. The County Board of Equalization shall conclude its hearings by August 5, 2019 in accordance with Colorado law. Petitioners who are unsatisfied with the CBOE decision may appeal the decision of the county board to the State Board of Assessment Appeals, the Eagle County District Court or binding arbitration within thirty (30) days of the CBOE decision. PUBLISHED BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, COUNTY OF EAGLE, COLORADO. /s/ Regina O'Brien Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners County of Eagle, State of Colorado Published in the Eagle Valley Enterprise and the Vail Daily June 13, and 20, 2019 0000433933