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SNOWMASS VILLAGE TOWN COUNCIL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT A PUBLIC HEARING WILL BE HELD BEFORE THE SNOWMASS VILLAGE TOWN COUNCIL. THE PUBLIC IS INVITED TO ATTEND AND COMMENT. DATE: August 19, 2019 TIME: During a regular meeting that begins at 4:00 P.M. WHERE: Town Council Chambers Town Hall, 130 Kearns Road Snowmass Village, CO WHY: For the Town Council to consider the Coffey Place Housing applications for proposed Amendments to the Official Zone District Map involving Re-zonings from 'Recreation (REC)' to 'Multi-Family (MF)' affecting Lot 5 of the Entryway Master Subdivision Plat and from 'SF-150' to 'MF' and Conservation ('CON') affecting Lots 2-S and 2-M of the Seven Star Subdivision; and the New Coffey Place Housing Subdivision Plat involving partial amendments to Open Space 'A' of the Rodeo Place Subdivision, Lots 2-S and 2-M of the Seven Star Subdivision, and Lot 5 of the Entryway Master Subdivision Plat. CODE: The application will be processed pursuant to Section 16A-5-220, 'Amendment to Official Zone District Map,' and Section 16A-5-400-440, Subdivision Regulations,' and Section 16A-5-450, 'Amendments to a Final Plat' and the required process for a major subdivision plat that apply pursuant to the Snowmass Village Municipal Code. INFO: Together with the proposed re-zonings, the applications also propose 14 residential subdivided lots for 17 affordable dwelling units, three of which that include single-family attached duplex units on proposed Lots CP 1 3 amending portions of Open Space A of the Rodeo Place Subdivision. Also included are proposed Lots CP 4 8 for single-family detached homes amending a portion of Lot 5 of the Entryway Master Subdivision Plat. Lastly, proposed Lots CP 9 14 for new single-family detached units would amend Lots 2-S and 2-M of the Seven Star Subdivision. Additional information regarding the proposal is available for inspection at the Snowmass Village Community Development Department, by telephone at (970) 923-5524 during normal business hours, or via the Town's web page at: Written comments are encouraged and will be accepted until the close of the public hearing. For inclusion of written comments in the staff report, submissions must be received a minimum of 10 days prior to the public hearing to the following address: Snowmass Village Community Development Department P.O. Box 5010 Snowmass Village, CO 81615 Attention: Jim Wahlstrom, Senior Planner; Email: Email Me Additional public hearings may be held for which only this published notice may occur. Telephone: (970) 923-3777 Internet Access to Council email: Citizen Feedback Hotline: (970) 922-6727 or Email Me Rhonda B. Coxon, Town Clerk Posted and Published in the Snowmass Sun on July 17, 2019. 0000454249