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TEN MILE PLANNING COMMISSION AGENDA June 13, 2019 - 5:30 p.m. Buffalo Mountain Meeting Room, County Commons 0037 Peak One Dr., SCR 1005, Frisco, CO Commission Dinner: 5:00pm I. CALL TO ORDER II. ROLL CALL III. APPROVAL OF SUMMARY OF MOTIONS: May 9, 2019 IV. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Additions, Deletions, Change of Order V. CONSENT AGENDA: None VI. WORK SESSION: None VII. PUBLIC HEARING: PLN18-078 Copper Mountain Major PUD Amendment (A-Lift Neighborhood) 1. Land Use: a. Increase the in Equivalent Units (EU) on Parcel 32, A-Lift, from 30 to 72; b. Increase the commercial square footage on Parcel 32, A-Lift, from 1,000 to 11,000; c. Decrease the EUs on Parcel 18, Chapel Lot, from 239 to 194; d. Decrease the commercial square footage on Parcel 18, Chapel Lot, from 28,149 to 19,849; e. Removal of Parcels 33, Triple Treat East, and Parcel 34, Stables, and transfer of 1,700 square feet of commercial density to Parcel 32, A-Lift; f. A new definition for "Event Plaza" to be located on Open Space Parcel X (OS-X); and g. Land use table revisions to accomplish the foregoing as well as other outstanding previously approved revisions. 2. Housing: Clarification to the priority leasing and sales process. 3. Open Space: a. Addition of Open Space Parcel CC (OS-CC) and establishment of permitted uses; b. Addition of Trails T21, T22, T23 and T24; and c. Revisions to private open space golf course alignment within Open Space Parcel X (OS-X). 4. Building and Site Design: a. Addition of Design Standards for Parcel 32, A-Lift, including specific parameters for site development, road design, architecture and landscape; b. Increase in building height for Parcel 32, A-Lift, up to 65' for hotel and multi-family structures and 35' for single-family and townhome units; and c. Reduction of setbacks from local access roads from 20' to 10'. 5. Roads and Parking: a. Addition of standards for A-Lift Transit Road "shuttle road"; and b. Modification to Road Maintenance Agreement language. 6. Development Triggers: Addition of development triggers for Parcel 32, A-Lift, including: one employee housing unit in the multi-family structure, development of parking and snow storage in Parcel 31, Maintenance Lot, wetland mitigation, trail construction, golf course construction, public restroom building at the Alpine Lift, restoration of historic cabin and West Tenmile Creek Reach 2 restoration. 7. Other amendments to accomplish the foregoing. VIII. DISCUSSION ITEMS: Suggested Revisions for Consideration in Next Master Plan Update Countywide Planning Commission issues Follow-up of previous BOCC meeting Planning Commission Issues IX. ADJOURNMENT Published in the Summit County Journal on June 7, 2019. 0000433136